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Top 5 Content Marketing Hacks

Ryan Bonnici

It's 2016. Content marketing isn't new anymore; it's becoming sophisticated. Not only is it highly localized as well as personalized than ever before, - but also new channels are revolutionizing the way customers experience your brand. You'll learn how to: - Boost traffic by 3x using content - Increase your lead conversions by 500% - Nurture, sell, and upsell to grow your business

About Ryan Bonnici

Ryan Bonnici is the Director of Marketing at HubSpot Asia Pacific & Japan. Prior to working at HubSpot, Ryan led a team of 15 marketers across the Asia Pacific region in his role as the Head of Marketing at Salesforce Marketing Cloud. He was the youngest director working for Salesforce globally at the time. Ryan is incredibly passionate about helping businesses of all sizes grow through the use of inbound sales and marketing. When he's not doing marketing at HubSpot, you can find him writing for BRW, Boss, B&T, and Marketing Mag.

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