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The Super Human Art of Predicting the Future

Rohit Bhargava

What if you had the ability to see what was coming in your business or industry before it happens? Imagine you had the chance to see what your customers would be doing a year before your competitors. In this entertaining talk based on the WSJ best selling book Non-Obvious, Rohit Bhargava teaches the art of predicting the future through five simple habits they can adopt every day.

About Rohit Bhargava

Rohit Bhargava is a trend curator, founder of the Influential Marketing Group (IMG), and the best selling five best selling business books including Non-Obvious (Wall Street Journal bestseller) and Likeonomics (shortlisted for Best Sales/Marketing Book of 2012 by 1800CEORead). He has been featured as a two time TEDx speaker and given keynotes and workshops in 28 countries. Prior to starting IMG, he spent 15 years as a marketing agency executive at two of the largest creative agencies in the world (Leo Burnett and Ogilvy).

Pretty cool video, huh?

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