The Secret Sauce to Fixing Lousy Conversion Rates

Bob Ruffolo  |  Tara Robertson

Did you know that your traffic to contact conversion rate, that little percentage number that sits on your marketing dashboard between visits and contacts, is probably the most important number in your entire HubSpot portal? A low number there means your website is leaking money; lot's of money; thousands, potentially millions, of dollars. A high number there means hockey-stick-like growth in traffic, leads, and revenue. So how do you change it? In this session, Bob Ruffolo, founder and CEO of IMPACT, and Tara Robertson, Marketing Growth & Inbound Consultant, will walk you though a simple process (that anyone can do) to spike your site's conversion rate so you make it rain like a rap star.

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Bob Ruffolo

Bob Ruffolo is a the founder and CEO of IMPACT, a Connecticut-based inbound marketing agency & Top-Tier HubSpot Diamond Partner. IMPACT works with small to mid-sized businesses helping them 3x their brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition, and customer loyalty through education, strategies, and implementation of growth-driven business development programs. Bob's also the host of IMPACT's Website Throwdown.

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Tara Robertson

Tara Robertson is the Director, Marketing Strategy & Operations at Sprout Social and has a love for all things inbound and digital marketing. With over 15 years of experience, she has consulted hundreds of companies on marketing strategy and execution. Prior to Sprout, Tara was the VP of Marketing at Hotjar and VP of Marketing & Creative Services for TSL Marketing, a digital marketing agency and HubSpot platinum partner. As a self proclaimed digital nerd, she loves connecting the dots between psychographics and data to produce kick ass results.

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