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The New Era of Customer Relationships

Mikkel Svane

Most businesses used to treat used to treat customers like transactions. These days, customers are asking and even more so, demanding to be treated like people. They (rightfully so) expect a relationship with organizations, now. Svane talks about the transformation of these trends, how businesses are moving towards subscription models where they need to keep proving their value and therefore gaining more trust. Businesses need their customers to find great value from the organizations they work with, and if they don't they will not be an asset in today's promoter economy. Join Mikkel and learn how to change with the times or get left behind. You'll discover potent research-based strategies and rock-solid action steps to boost selling productivity and escape the busyness trap. As a bonus, you'll also activate your best thinking—which leads to faster sales cycles and more closed deals. Mastering these new strategies is crucial for sales success and sanity in the Age of Distraction.

About Mikkel Svane

Mr. Svane co-founded Zendesk and has served as our Chief Executive Officer since August 2007 and as a member of our board of directors since August 2007. He was appointed Chair of our board of directors in January 2014. Prior to founding Zendesk, Mr. Svane founded and served as the Chief Executive Officer of Caput A/S, a software company, and served as a technology consultant. Mr. Svane holds an A.P. in marketing management from Arhus Kobmandsskole. You can follow him on Twitter at @MikkelSvane

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