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The Future of Marketing

Sangram Vajre

Inbound and Account-based marketing (ABM) is now a household name for most marketers. Yet, many are still scrambling to implement, or even know where to start with their marketing efforts. The history of marketing is a dark one. The martech evolution has brought us through an exciting, yet oftentimes, chaotic and misaligned journey. To truly understand the future of Marketing, we need to change our mindset and embrace challenging the status quo as the new normal. INBOUND's purpose is to provide the inspiration, education, and connections you need to transform your life and business. The INBOUND Studio provides year-round interviews with remarkable people.

About Sangram Vajre

Sangram is an author, keynote speaker, 3x CMO, host of the daily #FlipMyFunnel podcast, entrepreneur and above all, category maker. He wrote the book on account-based marketing published by Wiley and is also the Founder of #FlipMyFunnel movement. He is the co-founder and CMO of Terminus, a leader in account-based marketing raising over $20M in funding. Prior to that Sangram ran marketing at Pardot at ExactTarget, which was acquired by Salesforce for $2.5B dollars.

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