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The Death of Field Sales

Justin Roff Marsh

The truth is, field sales is dead already. It’s been ailing for so long that no one noticed its actual time of passing! Pretty much everyone knows (intuitively, at least) that field sales is dead. But no one’s prepared to acknowledge it. Even those organizations with inside sales teams still cling to assumptions from the days of field sales—to the detriment of their teams' performance. In this session, Justin Roff-Marsh will explain why: 1. Why you should view sales as essentially an inside function 2. Why salespeople should NOT be autonomous (and should NOT be paid commissions) 3. Why salespeople should do nothing but sell (30 meaningful selling interactions a day) 4. Why the distinction between sales and marketing departments is a false (and a devastating) one 5. Why qualification is a value-destroying activity Justin is the author of, The Machine, which recently. won GOLD in the Axiom Business Book of the Year Awards.

About Justin Roff Marsh

Today’s speaker, Justin Roff-Marsh, is on a mission to reinvent sales.For 20 years, his company—Ballistix—has been reengineering sales functions for organizations in Australia, New Zealand, North America and the United Kingdom.During this period, he has written two books, spoken to thousands of executives, in workshops from Warsaw to Bogota, and cultivated an audience of tens of thousands for his Blog, second book, The Machine, was published in October, last year. It is receiving critical acclaim and just won Gold in the Axiom business book awards’ Sales category.Justin was born in the UK, he grew up in Australia and emigrated to the US 8 years ago. He’s here with us now to share ideas he hopes will help us all to improve the performance of our sales functions.Justin Roff-Marsh.

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