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Beth Dunn

You’re telling a brand story, whether you mean to or not. Learn how to make your words work for you by translating your own brand personality into specific, documentable word choices that will get your message across. Join Beth Dunn, HubSpot Product Editor-in-Chief, as she reveals how word choice and writing style can be your trusted allies, on the web and in life.

About Beth Dunn

Beth Dunn is the Product Editor-in-Chief at HubSpot, where she manages the HubSpot product microcopy, voice and tone, and customer communications. She's also the founder and editor of HubSpot's cherished Weekly Internal Newsletter, affectionately known to all as The WIN. Born and raised on Cape Cod, she studied geology and paleontology at Mount Holyoke College and Syracuse University, completed her MBA at Simmons College, and joined HubSpot in 2010 as an inbound marketing consultant.

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