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Strategy Before Tactics

Eric Keiles

Build a website! Do a blog post! Write a white paper! Marketers get caught up creating the tactics but are then disappointed when the results don't equal their efforts. To get great results, marketers should be spending more time on STRATEGY. When you create a solid differentiation strategy that makes your target market go "wow", that's when Inbound Marketing starts. Once you have that great strategy, the rest of the tactics become a whole lot easier. Join Eric Keiles, CMO of Square 2 Marketing, as he frames their step-by-step methodology on how to get great inbound marketing results. Join him for actual case studies, data and examples of how companies like yours blew past their goals and objectives using Inbound Marketing. Learn the five essential components of a great Inbound Marketing strategy. Create realistic goals and objectives and then a plan to achieve those metrics. Finally, learn how to create campaigns to deliver that unique story to the target market.

About Eric Keiles

Eric Keiles is Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Square 2 Marketing and Co-Author of Reality Marketing Revolution and Fire Your Sales Team Today. Square 2 Marketing was named the “Inbound Agency of the Year” by HubSpot in 2014 and 2016. Eric, along with his business partner Mike Lieberman, were one of the first to adopt Inbound Marketing to help businesses utilize cost effective inbound marketing tactics to achieve dramatic revenue growth. They are leading the revolution in how business leaders change the way they think about sales and marketing. Marketing Sherpa has called the duo “original and contrarian marketers." A popular public speaker, Eric has provided expert insight through speaking appearances throughout America’s entrepreneurial community. His sessions at INBOUND in the past have garnered rave reviews. His unique style of “edutainment” provides real life sales and marketing concepts through interesting and engaging stories.

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