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Straight Talk on Turning 20k/Mo Retainer into Millions in Revenue

Dan Soldner

Agencies throw around words like “partnership” often. What does that even mean? Find out how one Platinum Partner Agency defines it, the mistakes they’ve made, and even ask their largest client what a partnership means from their perspective. In this talk, you will learn how Leighton Interactive approaches client expectations, delivers results, and has evolved from a 5-person digital marketing agency in 2011 to a 22-person inbound marketing agency in 2016. This presentation will also feature remarks from Barry Opatz, VP of Marketing at Marco (Leighton Interactive's biggest client account).

About Dan Soldner

Dan Soldner is the Managing Director at Leighton Interactive, a Minnesota-based agency that he started in 2009 and became a HubSpot Partner in 2013. Now a Platinum Partner, Leighton Interactive has grown to over 20 employees. Dan focuses on business development and internal operations at the agency. Dan earned his stripes in sales and marketing working for Copenhagen and Skoal brands, then for a Coors beer distributor. He got his feet wet in ad sales helping companies grow while selling radio and digital for sister company Leighton Broadcasting. Dan is obsessed with helping other's find their purpose and living each day with intention. Soldner lives in Cold Spring, MN with his wife and their four children.

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