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Q4 often brings a flurry of new business activity, known to ruin many a Thanksgiving or Christmas for the new business professional. And while all this activity helps to fill the pipeline, the timing is unfortunate because it distracts you from one of the most important things you’ll do all year: your Annual Plan.

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I help advertising agencies and marketing services take a more proactive approach to business development. It’s a jungle out there, with over 20,000 agencies in the US competing with each other for new business, so a big part of what I do is help my clients articulate what they are really good at and then develop a strategy for capitalizing on those strengths. Much of my value as a consultant is due to the breadth of my experience. I’ve run business development teams at large global agencies like OMD and Havas Media, routinely pitching for accounts worth billions of dollars in billings, but I’ve also spent time on the front lines selling smaller creative firms – from branding to digital advertising – cultivating relationships that led to new revenue. I've had the most fun when I've built something from scratch, like growing R/GA's nascent interactive division, pioneering successful new models of online advertising at iVillage, or defying expectations by winning big pieces of business as the underdog agency. Because I believe we have a responsibility to positively shape the industry we're in, I've been a board member of the New York chapter of the national design organization, AIGA, where I co-chaired “Grow,” AIGA NY’s first conference dedicated to sustainability in design. I've also served on various committees at the 4As, the Advertising Women of New York and the ANA. I've been a contributor to Advertising Age and HubSpot’s Agency Post, writing about the thrill of victory and agony of defeat as a business development professional.

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