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Secrets of Advanced Social Media Advertising

Michael Reynolds

It’s no longer enough to just “post a few times a day.” Recent changes in social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter provide you with new ways to help your business stay competitive. Take your social media to the next level with marketing strategist, Michael Reynolds. Covering Advanced Topics Like: How to pinpoint and retarget the right people with custom audiences How to structure social ads and track the effectiveness of your campaigns How to use audience demographics to bring new visitors to your website How to actually generate leads with social media advertising Why Facebook might surprise you as the best social network for B2B Following this presentation, you will be able to immediately implement a social media advertising strategy and start seeing positive results.

About Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds is President/CEO of SpinWeb, a digital agency in Indianapolis in its 20th year in business. Michael is excited about social media advertising, company culture, productivity and sushi. He also co-hosts a leading digital marketing podcast called SpinRadio, which can be found at

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