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Rise of the CMTO

Sheldon Monteiro

How are new breed CMOs leading their organizations to the future, and how are they developing and partnering with the new and increasingly critical role of the Chief Marketing Technologist? The battleground for customers’ attention and loyalty is increasingly won by brand experience, enabled by reimagining the entire organization for a digital world. Marketing is driving technology and transformation investment, and unsurprisingly, CMOs are in the hot seat. Learn how to navigate this new realm, where technology and marketing are husband and wife.

About Sheldon Monteiro

Sheldon Monteiro is global Chief Technology Officer of SapientNitro, a new breed of agency that works with brands to engage today’s always-on consumer. With nearly two decades with the agency, Sheldon directs its global technology capabilities, engineering programs, and global standards. He is responsible for building the technical talent, innovation culture, processes and systems needed to consistently deliver groundbreaking work for SapientNitro’s clients. He is the executive sponsor and co-lead of SapientNitro’s Chief Marketing Technology Officer University, a professional development program designed to develop senior leaders to innovate at the intersection of story and technology, while also taming scale and complexity in systems, organization and culture. Sheldon believes that technology is today’s most important medium of creativity – the new paper and pencil – changing how we feel and experience the world. He believes that yesterday’s science fiction can be today’s reality. And, he is passionate about quality - technology becomes invisible only when it works reliably, seamlessly, and at scale. To this point, SapientNitro creates integrated, immersive stories across brand communications, digital engagement, and omni-channel commerce by fusing art and imagination with the power and scale of systems thinking. SapientNitro creates game-changing success for Global 1000 clients, such as Chrysler, Citi, The Coca-Cola Company, Lufthansa, Target, and Vodafone, in 31 cities across The Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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