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Podcasting: A Starter Guide for Agencies

Jenny Butler

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, Marketing agencies constantly need to be ahead of the curve. Providing a diverse range of high-quality content is an integral part of a sustainable competitive advantage, but agencies also need to be frugal and clever with where and how they invest their time, money and energy. Whilst blogs are still very popular, audiences are somewhat limited in how they can consume them; you can’t read a blog at the gym or whilst driving, for example. So although the audience might be willing to engage, if a convenient content output channel doesn’t exist, it could result in the audience not consuming the content at all. Podcasting is a great way for agencies to connect with their audience and personify the agency’s brand, whilst also adding another output channel for content, thus allowing audiences to engage with the content in a way that is convenient to their busy lifestyle. This starter guide will explain what you need to do to set up your podcast, why it’s important to have one and also how you can promote it and retrieve comprehensive data that will allow you to prove ROI.

About Jenny Butler

Jenny Butler is a Senior Support Engineer at HubSpot’s EMEA Headquarters, and also freelances as a Marketing Consultant and Audio Producer. She has worked in Marketing and Broadcast Media (RTÉ, Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival, Warner Music Canada) for over 11 years, and has closely followed the emergence of Podcasting as a powerful way for companies to connect with their target audiences. Jenny lives in Dublin, but spends lots of time at her family home in Kildare with her 3 Bernese Mountain Dogs (Gracie, Anja and Indi) and her Collie (Zoe). She is excited to show agencies the benefits of having a podcast, and how they can easily get started with a podcast of their own.

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