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Own Your Niche: An Agency Content Model

Scott Meyer

Look around. Inbound marketing is no longer unique. It's time to master a niche and then integrate inbound marketing into your speciality. This strategy will help your business stand out, increase prices, attract and retain talent and even improve your company culture. HubSpot has already created a “Model of Mastery” that you can steal to get started. Learn to combine blogs + ebooks + research studies + case studies + speaking to be the leading inbound marketer in your niche, even if you have no experience in that industry. 9 Clouds grew 6x and are now automotive inbound marketing leaders thanks to this model, despite no previous experience with the industry. You can do the same. Learn to master a niche and add focus to your business in this high-energy session.

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Scott Meyer is the brofounder of 9 Clouds (brother+cofounder), a digital marketing firm proudly based in Sioux Falls, SD that provides inbound marketing for auto dealers. Author, teacher and community builder, Meyer lives at the intersection of business and community. He writes on how to use technology to grow your community and business at and

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