Managing Ongoing Client Success After Winning the Contract

Bob Dearsley  |  Verity Dearsley

Founder, Bob Dearsley, after three decades in Marketing, has just published his book, "All that PR & Marketing Bollox. Explained!” and Managing Director, Verity Dearsley, leads the Consulting team at The B2B Marketing Lab which has over 50 successful HubSpot engagements under its belt. Learn from this father and daughter team how clear project management processes and shared milestones for both Consultancy and Client can drive a program through to successful engagement, moving you from short term supplier to long term trusted partner.

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Bob Dearsley

Bob Dearsley is a 30 year marketing and PR veteran, speaker, author and the founder of the London-based firm itpr ( Known for his reality-rooted marketing advice and intuitive understanding of what works in the world of start-ups and SME businesses, Bob has helped everyone from shoe-string startups to established tech firms reach their ideal prospect base and grow revenue. Tired of seeing company directors think they can “DIY” their own marketing and PR, he wrote his book with the hope of explaining how an integrated understanding of the PR and marketing ecosystem, paired with an appreciation for the power of modern communications and inbound marketing techniques can translate to big results for any start-up or SME business. In 2011, he launched a second brand —The B2B Marketing Laboratory ( —a team of digital marketing consultants, search marketing and PPC analysts, copywriters, designers, web developers and social media addicts. In 2015, as a result of continued international expansion of the SEO and PPC business within The B2B Marketing Laboratory, Bob spun-off a joint venture business with Chicago-based search specialists, Be Found Online, LLC. to manage large scale, international websites for multi-national corporations. The business now has offices in London, Chicago and Singapore. Bob has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) for more than 20 years and is a former Chair of the Science and Technology Group, now STEM Group. He has regularly been involved as a judge on the annual CIPR Awards, most recently judging in the category of “Best use of Social Media.” His PR firm, which also focuses on inbound marketing strategies, was voted “Most rated Tech PR agency in the UK” in a national survey of UK technology journalists. Bob is also a director of several marketing and PR businesses and acts as an advisor to a number of technology and professional services businesses.

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Verity Dearsley

Verity helped launch The B2B Marketing Lab five years ago and has grown with the business to become the Managing Director. A degree from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama may not seem like the most straightforward route into Inbound Marketing, however studying a range of characters, everyone from serial killers to kings certainly helps with your client management skills! You also can’t help but develop a real respect and admiration for the written word when you have Chaucer and Shakespeare as a reference point. Verity oversees strategy on all client accounts at The B2B Marketing Lab and also heads up our HubSpot consulting team, spending much of her time with clients assisting them with bespoke consultancy on everything from HubSpot implementations to effective Inbound Marketing campaigns. Verity specialises in devising effective, sales-driven Inbound campaigns and developing the skills of marketing teams across London. Verity is known for her dedication to the job as well as for her love of baking, everything from sausage rolls to cupcakes. Her heroes include Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mary Berry & Ina Garten—after all, everything is better with butter!

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