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Kit Pang

Exceptional leaders understand how to harness the power of listening to make their co-workers, customers, friends and family members feel like they matter. Only when we truly listen, we stand out as leaders and more importantly, we help others standout by giving them a voice. Kit Pang, communication expert, TEDx Speaker and the Founder of BostonSpeaks, shares personal anecdotes about the importance of listening, crucial principles on how you can become a more effective listener and interactive exercises you can use to master your people skills.

About Kit Pang

As a Communication Expert, TEDx and Keynote Speaker and the Founder of BostonSpeaks, Kit Pang helps individuals become exceptional leaders by honing their communication and people skills. In an Age of Distraction, Kit shares that listening is a mindful choice that we must make in order to create balance in our lives and when we truly listen to others, we can make our friends, family and co-workers feel like they are the most important person in the world.

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