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Level-up Your Lead Flow, with Lead Flows

Seamus Redmond

New to the world of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)? Never heard of it before? Join Shay Redmond, Product Manager at HubSpot and start converting more leads on your website with FREE tools. With all-new Lead Flows at your disposal learn how to optimize your website traffic and increase your conversion rate by creating contextual, relevant conversion opportunities for your visitors at point in their journey that will have the most impact. With a deep dive into HubSpot’s newest conversion tool, Lead Flows, you’ll be able to get a conversion opportunity on your site without building a single landing page, CTA or email. We’ll take a look at some real world examples of Lead Flows, case studies and success stories from existing users. Not a HubSpot customer? We’ve got you covered, Lead Flows is available for free to everyone! Come by and find out how to optimize your site and just how much you can learn about your leads in the process.

About Seamus Redmond

Shay is part of the HubSpot Product team, working on conversion tools across the product. Having been with HubSpot for over 5 years, Shay started in customer support, then moved to the product team to build upon the experience solving for customers every day to bring impactful features and updates directly to them. Having worked on HubSpot's Forms, CTAs and Lead Flows products, recently Shay has focused on bringing the power and flexibility of machine learning to HubSpot's conversion and content tools.

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