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Less is More: How to do Better Social with Less Content

Chelsea Hunersen

Successfully scaling your agency requires a set of clear processes to enable your team to engage with the client, grow revenue out of your existing client base and ensure long-term retention. But what should these processes and methodologies look like? If you are looking to establish a successful set of business processes to deliver slicker implementations and happier clients then follow this set of guidelines from The B2B Marketing Lab, the only HubSpot Platinum Partner HQ'd in London. Discover how to find, use, and optimize your best content for Social Media from Chelsea Hunersen who run's all of @HubSpot's social.

About Chelsea Hunersen

Chelsea manages social media at HubSpot with the dual purpose of lead generation and brand building. In her time at HubSpot, she has been responsible for planning and executing the social strategy you see at INBOUND, managing the Stevie Award-Winning Facebook page, doubling HubSpot’s social leads and driving social media for HubSpot's 2.5 million followers. Currently, Chelsea is leading the charge on Social Video at HubSpot, where she is experimenting with its impact across new and traditional channels. Prior to marketing at HubSpot Chelsea built the social strategy for an edtech startup as well as for HubSpot’s first support handle.

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