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As cofounder of SoulCycle, Julie helped invent the lifestyle fitness movement that has taken the world by storm. In her new role as Chief Brand Officer at WeWork, Julie's experience building thriving communities will undoubtedly strengthen the company's commitment to connecting its members to each other and the WeWork brand. Touted as the "Oprah for millennials," Cleo has become an inspirational voice of her generation through messages of positivity, honesty and accountability. She has a unique ability to connect people and her perspective and reach has been tapped by brands like Gucci, Armani, and Emily's List. Cleo embodies INBOUND via her symbiotic artistry and activism and her commitment to creating and fostering tribe building and human connection is necessary now more than ever.

About Julie Rice

Julie Rice is an entrepreneur best known for co-founding the fitness phenomenon, SoulCycle. Rice servedas Co-CEO at SoulCycle from 2006 to 2015 before becoming the Chief Brand Officer at WeWork in November 2017. Rice and her partner Elizabeth Cutler started SoulCycle in 2006 in the rear lobby of an Upper West Side dance studio found on Craigslist. As founders, CEO's and Chief Creative Officers, they grew the company to 60 studios. Cutler and Rice were honored as one of Goldman Sachs’ 100 Builders + Innovators in 2013 and 2014 and were voted one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business. In 2015, Cutler and Rice were honored as two of AdWeek’s Brand Geniuses. Rice's life's work has been about building community and she brings that focus to her new role at WeWork. At WeWork, Rice is approaching everything through the lens of community – she is focusing on WeWork's brand and the experience WeWork provides its members, and seeking new and innovative ways to grow and share the WeWork experience around the globe. Prior to opening SoulCycle, Rice worked in the entertainment business, discovering and developing talent for companies like Handprint Entertainment in Los Angeles, where she lived for nine years. A graduate of the State University of New York at Binghamton, Rice majored in English and Theater. Rice lives in NYC with her husband, Spencer, and their two daughters, Phoebe and Parker.

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