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Inbound or ABM

Adam von Reyn

While inbound marketing prevails as a leading approach to reaching prospective customers, many B2B organizations are evaluating the merits of an Account Based Marketing (ABM) approach. In the “battle” between Inbound and ABM, learn why the smartest marketers are choosing not to choose.

About Adam von Reyn

Adam von Reyn is VP Growth Marketing at sales performance analytics company InsightSquared, where he focuses on the strategy, systems and measurement of their high-growth SaaS marketing engine. In mid-2015, Adam took on a project to rearchitect InsightSquared’s marketing systems to support an Account-Based Marketing model, with the goal of better aligning marketing efforts with the buyer’s journey. Executives, marketers and sales leaders alike will enjoy Adam’s presentation of the systematic approach InsightSquared took to building and deploying an ABM model, while also learning how the InsightSquared marketing team continues to blend both approaches in their marketing model.

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