INBOUND 2018 Orientation Session

Elijah Clark-Ginsberg  |  Laura Fitton  |  Christine Homolko  |  Devyn Bellamy

For the first time, we're welcoming you to INBOUND with an orientation session before things formally kick off at Deepak Chopra's Keynote. In this session, you'll hear from INBOUND team-members and repeat attendees on their tips to make the most of the week. We'll cover everything you need to know to be an INBOUND pro, even if you've never attended before. On top of all that, this session will also be a great way to meet other people who are new to INBOUND (and maybe some old-timers with wisdom to share). INBOUND's purpose is to provide the inspiration, education, and connections you need to transform your life and business. The INBOUND Studio provides year-round interviews with remarkable people.

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Elijah Clark-Ginsberg

Elijah Clark-Ginsberg manages attendee experience and technology for INBOUND. He started working on INBOUND in 2013 as an intern and has held a number of roles on the team over the years. You may know him from all the promo emails he sent you in 2016 and 2017, not to mention the attendee info email you probably got from him ten minutes ago.

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Laura Fitton

Laura Fitton, Evangelist, works on influencer relations for INBOUND and HubSpot, manages INBOUND's Advisory Board, and was the curator of the INBOUND Bold Talks stage (2013-2017). She is co-author, Twitter for Dummies, and founded before selling it to HubSpot in 2011. Laura is credited with convincing thousands of tech execs that Twitter would have real business value. Her work at HubSpot focuses on their annual INBOUND event, influencer relations, and professional speaking to evangelize better ways to grow an organization by being human and helpful. She is a warm and engaging speaker, has lectured at HBS and MIT-Sloan, and has been quoted in dozens of national publications including BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune, Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal. She also raised $25,000 for Charity:Water in December 2008 in the first ever "donate by tweeting" charity campaign, @Wellwishes. Laura lives in the Boston area and on Peaks Island, Maine with her two daughters and two dogs.

Christine Homolko

Christine is all about creative storytelling and compassionate leadership. With a background in entrepreneurship, education, web design, human resources, marketing and event management, she’s a classic multi-potentialite! Her creative mindset ultimately led her to the land of communications. About a decade in this field, she can tell you this: the secret sauce to a successful brand is a great story! Her bread and butter is creating engaging content. Christine thrives in creative roles with a strong human component: she sees compassionate leadership as key to helping others grow and growing with them. She seeks to empower people with authenticity and courage in her day job, and this flows into her artwork and writing. Christine publishes regularly on LinkedIn and is a contributor at Thrive Global. She doesn’t have 1 million followers, but she’s still a happy purple squirrel. Christine has been leading the Communications team at SnT, a technology research centre at the University of Luxembourg since 2017.

Devyn Bellamy

Devyn Bellamy is an Inbound Marketer for a solid surface manufacturer in Massillon, OH. The Silicon Valley native was Director of Marketing for a tech software startup in Philadelphia, PA when he started working with HubSpot. He first attended INBOUND in 2016 when he started the hashtag #BlackAtInbound on Twitter, after getting some encouragement from Gary Vaynerchuk, in order to meet other Black Professionals at the event. The hashtag has since turned into an annual gathering, networking opportunity, and seaport party crawl.

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