INBOUND 2016 5-Minute Sessions: Michael Rejmaniak & Vanessa Stirling

Michael Rejmaniak  |  Vanessa Stirling

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Michael Rejmaniak

I’m responsible for ensuring that the marketing technology solutions we develop for our clients address their underlying business goals. I believe in building technology around people without overcomplicating things, so that any changes we make are embraced rather than feared.I’ve spent a lot of time in the trenches, managing email campaigns, online advertising programs, marketing automation tools, CRM integrations and website projects. I call upon this experience in developing sound executable strategies for our clients.

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Vanessa Stirling

I thrive on the complexity of B2B sales cycles and bring a pragmatic, single-minded approach to quickly maximizing revenue growth. At heart, a storyteller (that creative writing degree did have a use!), I understand how to leverage complex technologies to drive revenue for the company and value to their audience.I have deep experience in marketing operations, analytics, sales and marketing alignment, go-to-market strategy, content marketing, branding and communications and demand generation tactics. My career includes global marketing and leadership roles in start-up, SMBs and multi-billion dollar organizations in the B2B software and services space.

Pretty cool video, huh?

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