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INBOUND 2016 5-Minute Sessions: Leon Segal

Leon Segal

Watch Leon Segal give a short, 5-minute version of his talk at INBOUND 2016.

About Leon Segal

Dr. Leon Segal is an innovation psychologist, teacher, pilot, musician and designer. After having led a studio at IDEO, he founded Innovationship which is a SF-based company working with organizations around the world to apply design thinking principles for solving business problems, creating inspired cultures and developing new customer-focused ideas. His research and work in cognitive psychology and design thinking have positioned him as an innovator and thought leader, now dedicated to working with major organizations to inspire their creativity through the the principles of design thinking.His diverse background, human-factors expertise and empathetic personality makes him a wonderful storyteller. He has inspired audiences for decades providing innovation enrichment and practical stories on how to make positive change and innovation happen for both individuals and organizations.

Pretty cool video, huh?

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