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INBOUND 2016 5-Minute Sessions: David Darmanin

David Darmanin

See David Darmanin give a 5-minute summary of his talk at INBOUND! Cool logo? Check. Traffic? Check. Contact Us Page? Yep. Conversions? Not so much. To succeed, your site has to be as effective as possible at converting visitors into leads or customers. The problem is that it’s difficult to do this if you don’t truly understand your visitors. In this session, Hotjar CEO & Founder David Darmanin show you how to find out how a site is really being used – and identify the biggest opportunities for improvement.

About David Darmanin

David is the CEO and Founder of Hotjar. Over the 10 years before building Hotjar, he generated hundreds of millions of dollars in growth consulting startups to fortune 500 businesses. He has built multiple teams, developed brands and run hundreds of tests for his clients… spanning across 19 languages, 12 currencies and 13 industries.

Pretty cool video, huh?

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