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If We Wait Until We're Ready, We'll Be Waiting Forever

Rebecca Liebman

This is not for the faint of heart. This is the story of what I learned starting a company before I could legally drink, in an industry that hasn’t changed in decades, run by people triple my age. This is about going into debt to start a company to teach people how to get out of it. It’s about failure, learning, and the meaning of success. This is for all of you who have wanted to do something for a long time but you keep putting deterrents in your own way. There’s never a perfect time, but there is a perfect talk to get inspired, and this is it.

About Rebecca Liebman

Rebecca is the Co-founder of LearnLux, a financial education company for Millennials. She has a passion for startups, education, and the amazing things that happen when they are combined. She loves to work with dedicated, excited, and passionate people and brings them together to make great things happen. Rebecca was on the 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 list for education and has had many incredible experiences, especially for someone of her age. She founded two startups by the age of 20, had the opportunity to live in Kenya, completed environmental research in Western Europe, and worked for some amazing Boston-based startups that went through the MassChallenge and Techstars programs. Rebecca loves public speaking, the word “plethora,” and motivating people—especially on Mondays. She has a passion to learn as much as possible by being a student of life and questioning almost everything. She loves kayaking and other types of boats, but knows that the best ship is friendship!

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