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How To Use PR, Branding and Positioning To Take On Goliath

Christine Perkett

Use smart PR strategies and tactics to make your startup or small business seem larger than life. Every business starts somewhere. If you’re running a small business or startup and competing against much larger companies, take heart. You can – and will – succeed. And, if you use PR and marketing wisely, you can beat out your industry Goliath’s time and time again. In this session, we’ll cover: • How even the smallest of companies can execute effective PR campaigns • Today’s best tools for startup marketing budgets • Case studies on how some “David” size companies won – and grew – against industry “Goliaths.” • A framework for self sustaining (almost) PR Credentials: Christine is an experienced marketer and entrepreneur, having founded her first company, PerkettPR, in 1998, employing staff in eight different states and partnering with startups worlwide, as well as public companies like Constant Contact, WebEx and Juniper Networks. In 2013 she founded SeeDepth, Inc., a PR Analytics software platform for brands and agencies. She is also an Adjunct Professor of a Digital Media graduate program at Northeastern University in Boston. Christine has been recognized with various accolades fo

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