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How to Scale Marketing 200% with No Budget

Ryan MacInnis

As the first marketing hire of a startup with no budget, how do you scale leads by 200% in a year? In the last two companies I've worked at, I've been the first and only marketing hire. In this session, you'll learn the strategy and tactics on how to execute on a marketing plan that can take your business to the next level. You don't have to be a startup to think and grow like one.

About Ryan MacInnis

Ryan MacInnis is a marketer and startup advisor. Currently, he is the Director of Marketing at Voysis, the complete voice AI platform. Prior to Voysis, he worked at Twitter on their developer platform Fabric which recently sold to Google, and ran marketing at Robin, a scheduling platform for your office. He's advised and mentored startups that have raised millions, including those at incubators like MassChallenge and Northeastern's IDEA program.

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