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How to Get Your Sales Teams Jazzed About Inbound Marketing

Jenifer Kern

Any new HubSpot adopter knows that the transition to HubSpot and Inbound marketing requires a change in mindset from traditional outbound-only strategies to a new way of thinking about marketing to your customers -- both inside and outside the organization." Outbound strategies may still be working, but you know inbound has the power to drive more qualified leads faster. You have the vision, but how do you get your leadership team on board? And the sales force? It's time to get creative and get out from behind your desks, marketers! We'll walk through some creative strategies the marketing team used at Celerity to get both Sales and Leadership totally bought into inbound, after significant success with outbound. Remember - the sky's the limit!

About Jenifer Kern

Jenifer is the VP of Marketing at Celerity - a fusion consultancy bridging business, technology, and user experience gaps. She built the marketing department from the ground up, starting in 2011. Since then she’s used various digital marketing strategies and systems (both inbound and outbound) to drive lead generation, sales success, and increased profit margins for the company. Jenifer is an avid believer in Agile marketing and uses the methodology to manage diverse marketing, sales, and creative design projects for the company. Prior to joining Celerity, Jenifer ran her own marketing and communications business and was a strategic marketing consultant for B2B companies.

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