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How to Develop Your Inner Producer

Arvell Craig

Some of us by nature are alchemist and inventors. Creators and idea people living by inspiration and imagination. But under the responsibility of client services and sales that side of us has taken a back seat. Do you find yourself wishing you had more time to create your own content but unsure how to create consistently? Yes, there are thousands of writers your can outsource to, but when it comes to promoting your own brand no one can tell your story quite like you. Aimed at the busy leader without a content team, this session provokes the untapped creative to start producing. This presentation teaches the audience how to develop personal workflows, habits and creative routines to produce valuable content regularly. Part life hack and part strategy, the session will lay out a proven formula I’ve practiced and noticed is other successful leaders. I call it, Developing Your Inner Producer.

About Arvell Craig

Arvell Craig unofficially began his start in business at the age of 9, cutting fades for neighbors, family and friends. This continued throughout high school and college until he laid down the clippers to take up slicing Photoshop files and building websites. Since 2001, Arvell has consulted with businesses of all sizes improving traffic and conversions. He presently lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife and daughter as an marketing coach, productivity expert and author.

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