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How Social Media Made Me a Star

Julieanne O'Connor

Social Media is more than a time suck of posts and narcissistic obsessions. It's a spoke in the wheel of strategy. If kept in perspective with a larger branding vision, Social Media can be one of your most key secret slams in taking out competitors, Saving you Time & Money, and Fast Tracking you to the top.

About Julieanne O'Connor

Julieanne O’Connor (aka Young) is an award winning Speaker, Actor, Author and Social Media Strategist. She is the Star of the #1 Super Bowl Commercial - Doritos Pug Attack that went viral worldwide and the host of several shows including Transforming Relationships and Abnormally Normal (in pre-production). She has been named “Best New Author” and is the author of the book series, “Spelling It Out” including the books Spelling It Out for Your Career and Spelling It Out for Your Man ( Julieanne got her start with humble beginnings and is known for her refreshingly candid approach to talking about the realities behind business, relationships and effective Social Media strategies. Julieanne is also the Founder/Owner of Animal Impulse, Ltd., the Director of Sales for ZLinked Marketing & Advertising ( and she is on the Advisory Board for several companies in development. Julieanne is the Founder of the SIO Dream Fund Scholarship which awards cash scholarships to people with big dreams, she has over 170,000 Followers on Facebook (, is a member of SAG-AFTRA, The National Speakers Association, WOW and a Certified Corporate Trainer. In her spare time, Julieanne can be found adoring her husband, daughter, rescued dogs, rescued turtles and actively on a mission to “Put ‘RELATE’ back into Relationships worldwide.”

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