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How Sales Teams Should Leverage Data for Strategic Storytelling

Dawn Poulos

Maybe stories are just data with a soul.” -- Brene Brown (Former Keynote Speaker at INBOUND 2015) For years, salespeople have been lauded for their innate ability to hook a potential buyer and sell them on a product or service effortlessly. But these days, the buyer's journey and sales process have changed. Sales people must now respond to a more informed buyer and interpret a wealth of data in order to reach out at the right time, with the right message.

About Dawn Poulos

Dawn Poulos is a SaaS marketing executive with sales DNA who specializes in building high-velocity, results-oriented marketing teams. Currently, she’s Vice President of Marketing at Mattermark, where she’s showing sales professionals how to build data-driven sales processes. Drawing on 15+ years of experience, a Harvard MBA, and a wealth of insight into SaaS sales, Dawn will address the challenges facing the industry as we increasingly lean on on data to build efficient processes and empower professionals to win the hearts and minds of customers.

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