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How Professional Athletes Train Their Brains For Peak Performance

Jordan Benjamin

Countless case studies are coming out recently around the mental and physical benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices. Companies like Google, LinkedIn, Nike, Salesforce and more all have different mindfulness programs for their leaders and employees to help create happier, more productive employees. A recent lunch conversation with George Mumford (mindfulness coach with Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan and many other professional athletes) got me thinking about the different ways mindfulness and meditation practices are a vital part of the new Inbound Sales Teams toolbox. As individuals and teams learn better emotional intelligence, listening skills, resiliency and are overall healthier it leads to better long term success for individuals, customers and the company as a whole. This talk will focus on some of the easy ways to approach mindfulness and how they will help sales reps improve their sales skills and abilities to help customers find the right solution for their specific goals.

About Jordan Benjamin

Jordan has been in sales for his entire career and for the last few years, coaching small business owners on how to help grow their business. On top of the sales experience, he teaches yoga classes and meditation groups in a corporate setting. This talk will be intriguing for sales reps and sales leaders.

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