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How Brain Science Can Transform You into a Sales Rock Star

Duncan Lennox

How much you remember has nothing to do with how intelligent you are. In fact, research shows that in just 30 days nearly 80% of new information is forgotten. It's simply how the human brain works. So, when sales reps receive copious amounts of information prior to a product launch, keeping those messages top of mind to aggressively win deals is tough. With neuroscience, increasing knowledge retention and durably changing sales rep behaviors ensures strong conversations with potential buyers.

About Duncan Lennox

Duncan Lennox is CEO and co-founder of Qstream, mobile enterprise software for building smarter, more confident sales teams at scale, which has captured the attention of large enterprises like LinkedIn. Previously, he wrote the code (and served as CTO) for WBT Systems. A recognized expert, he lends his knowledge on sales force performance, SaaS and more at various industry conferences, like TEDx.

Pretty cool video, huh?

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