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Here's Why You Don't Rank in Google

Matthew Barby

For a lot of people, SEO seems like a dark art. There's tons of misinformation online and it's difficult to know where to start. I'm going to show you where you're going wrong, dispel some myths and get you on the path to more rankings, traffic, and customers.

About Matthew Barby

Matthew Howells-Barby is the Director of Acquisition at HubSpot. He's the co-founder of Traffic Think Tank, a private membership SEO community, and he's an advisor for a number of SaaS companies around the world. Alongside this, Matt has been featured in a host of major publications, including The Guardian, The BBC, Vice, and The Washington Post. Matt is also the founder of The Coin Offering, an educational site focused on the blockchain space, as well as being the co-host of The Decrypting Crypto Podcast.

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