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Hack Your Own Psychology To Be the Salesperson Your Buyer Needs

Carole Mahoney

How do the best salespeople do it? What makes them different from the 41% of salespeople who don’t make their quota? What do they do differently? It’s not what they do- it’s how they think that affects what they do. They’ve hacked their own psychology. In order to successfully engage, educate, and help their buyer consider the right solution for their problem, today's salesperson must be in control of what happens between their ears. There is a reason sales training fails.

About Carole Mahoney

Carole Mahoney is the founder of Unbound Growth, a scientific sales development firm that eliminates the guesswork of how to hire the right salespeople and develop rockstar sales teams using a proven data and science-based process that delivers predictable revenue. By analyzing and comparing over 282 different sales attributes to design development programs that install the right mindsets, behaviors and skill sets that align with how your buyers make decisions, sales teams have achieved 130-160% of quota in less than 6 months with a 98% annual customer retention rate.

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