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Join the Media Junction team for a guided Q&A panel on adopting, selling and servicing Growth Driven Design website retainers. Media Junction is a custom web design and inbound marketing agency located in Saint Paul, Minnesota and a Diamond HubSpot Partner. They have been building websites for over 20 years, and were early adopters of Growth Driven Design (GDD) methodology. Learn how they have integrated GDD into their services offerings, how they scope and price GDD engagements, and much more.

About Luke Summerfield

Luke gets out of bed each morning to help others unlock their true potential. He does this at HubSpot as a program manager advising startups, writing and speaking. In 2015 he founded the Growth-Driven Design methodology and program which grew from zero to over 700 agencies in 56 countries in less than 12 months. Previous to HubSpot, Luke lived in the agency world where he helped successfully grow an agency to acquisition.

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