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Flexibility is the Future of Feminism

Anna Auerbach

Companies and economists have overlooked flexibility as a solution to keep talented women in the workforce. We need to adapt workplaces to reflect the needs of a modern workforce. Our research shows that by creating and implementing meaningful, strategic flexibility, we can increase the number of women CEOs in the fortune 500 from 5% to 25% in 20 years. We'll be closer than ever to equal representation in leadership across every sector-public and private.

About Anna Auerbach

Anna Auerbach is the Cofounder and coCEO of Werk, a marketplace of flexible leadership-track jobs focused on keeping women in the workforce and on the leadership track. Anna is a former McKinsey consultant and
 social impact COO. She is a Harvard Business School grad who learned her first lesson in entrepreneurship when she moved to the U.S. as a refugee at age 6, knowing just one word of English.
Anna loves strategy and always sees the big picture. She is a mother to 4 year old Asher.

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