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Finding the Elusive Obvious

Kacy Qua

What if everything you’ve been taught about success is a lie? What if the truth has been hiding from you in plain sight? And discovering this elusive obvious would mean that instead of chasing a vague dream designed by and for someone else, you could use your finite and precious time on earth to do something that was not only financially sustainable but also uniquely suited to your talents, and provided purpose, meaning, and impact. Ikigai is a Japanese concept that loosely translates to “your reason for being.” Come to this session and learn about the Elusive Obvious - how to use ikigai to define success and find purpose in your life. Find out how to unlock your golden handcuffs using the the Japanese concept of Ikigai (the reason you get out of bed to go to work each morning). It's made of 4 elements - what you love, are good at, can be paid for, that the world needs.

About Kacy Qua

Contrarian, power hippie, who enjoys leaning outside the system. Believer in self-mgmt. X PRIZE incentive competition designer. Professional teller of the future of learning and work. Founder. Open badger. Burner. Medium blogger @YourHireSelf. Let's meditate over it.

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