Fear - The Ultimate Tool for Success

Patrick Sweeney

We spend our adult life being afraid of fear. In this entertaining and scientifically supported big idea session professional adventurer and serial entrepreneur Patrick Sweeney shows you how using fear, actually scaring yourself once a month, can unlock your own superhuman performance. Ever wonder how moms can lift a two ton car when their baby is trapped under it? Patricl's multimedia presnetaion brings to life the latest scientific evidence of how this is possible. He'll share techniques he has used to set world records, place second in the Olympic trials, and start three multi-million dollar companies. You'll walk away from this session dying to scare yourself!

About Patrick Sweeney

Patrick Sweeney is the son of a 1st generation Irish immigrant from the Boston’s blue-collar neighborhoods. His life is an American success story that shows anyone can live his or her dreams and have a passionate, adventurous and balanced life.
When he was 11 he started shining shoes to save money for a new bike. The first in his family to attend college, where he discovered rowing and won a club national championship. He set his sights on the Olympics after graduation. He never cared he was going after guys who rowed four years in prep school and four years in Ivy league colleges. He spent five years training full time in the single scull -finishing second in the 1996 USA Olympic trials in Atlanta, winning many national and international championships in the process.
After the Olympics he went back to a Top 5 business school and started three international technology companies worth millions of dollars, and created scores of new jobs. Both President G.W. Bush and President Obama recognized him for his technology leadership. However, something wasn’t right. He nearly killed himself by working 75 hours a week, focused only on the idea of an IPO. After 10 years of non-stop driving for material & businesses success he felt a strong void in his life. He also suffered a bout with a rare form of leukemia. The two realizations changed his perspective. He began to learn to appreciate everything in life and sought adventure, passion and balance. Eventually he found it. The story of how he did is what is remarkable and inspiring.
Despite great success in technology he left it all behind to pursue his dream of inspiring others in adventure. Patrick has an incredibly rare insight from excelling at the highest level of business and athletics, where he learned what it took to find true inner joy. His adventures are unmatched (like his current project to be the 1st person to bike the Seven Summits and climb them, or his 2015 1st official mountain bike to Everest Base Camp), divers (competing in acrobatics and ice diving caves) and inspiring. When he's not doing adventures he’s helping others find their passion, purpose and genius through speaking, TV hosting and a soon-to-be-released book.

Pretty cool video, huh?

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