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Fear-The #1 Killer of Sales. How to Define, Defuse, and Breakthrough to Success

Heather Hansen O'Neill

The fear of looking bad, the unknown, losing your job, or failure are just a few of the fears that sales people must overcome on a daily basis. This dynamic talk will provide innovative strategies to define and defuse the fear that is keeping you from being the confident, successful sales professional you can be.

About Heather Hansen O'Neill

Heather Hansen O’Neill is an award winning speaker and author presenting to organizations and corporations on leadership, sales, team development, and change management. For over 18 years Heather’s company has helped clients from entrepreneurs of new businesses to Fortune 100 companies improve their relationships and lead more effectively in a rapidly changing corporate environment. She has helped her clients create deeper more meaningful relationships in sales and customer service resulting in increased customer loyalty and overall profit. In addition, the work she does to enhance understanding within and between departments has shown a better flow of productivity as well as higher ratings in employee satisfaction. Heather is a:• Certified DiSC facilitator• Author of Find Your Fire (Morgan James, 2011)• Author of Teams On Fire! (Rock Star Publishing House, 2013)• Certified Corporate Success Coach• Host of Community Forum TV show• Guest expert on NBC, ABC, the CW, and FOX• Columnist and feature article writer for several regional and national papers and magazines• Co-host of The Inspired Team Leader radio show• Producer of Leading the Change: 21 Insights from the ExpertsHeather runs a successful business transforming lives and companies while making plenty of quality time for raising her three high-energy boys. More info at

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