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Escaping the Sweatshop and Rediscovering Our Authentic Voice and the Stories that Count

Maria Keckler

When content creation has become a sweltering sweatshop, it's time to pivot. It's time to go back to the epiphanies and authentic stories that inspired us to do what we do in the first place. It's time to rediscover our authentic voice, to cut through the marketing noise, and to reconnect once again with real people who want to do business with real people.

About Maria Keckler

A Mexican immigrant who started out as a sweatshop worker in LA, Maria has come a long way to develop a reputation as a Bridge Builder and catalyst of movements. She's an executive coach, founder of Superb Communication and Business Breakthrough University. She's regularly rated as "The best speaker we've had!" for her keynotes and breakout sessions across the US, Mexico, and Eastern Europe.

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