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Don't Listen to the Marketing Consultants

Bryan Semple

The common terminology being pushed by marketing consultants with regards to sales and marketing alignment consists of words like marketing qualified leads, sales accepted leads, service level agreements, waterfall diagrams and marketing contribution to revenue. If this is how B2B marketing performance is measured, CMOs are heading down a path of conflict with their sales counterparts and poor business outcomes. Bryan Semple, CMO of SmartBear Software, walks through how he aligns his entire organization with sales and revenue, how the process is measured, and the terminology and nomenclature used to discuss success and failure.

About Bryan Semple

A 20+ year high-tech veteran, Bryan Semple has spent the last 11 years working in datacenter infrastructure and operations companies. He is Chief Marketing Officer at SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for the connected world. Previously, he was CMO at Dell, VKernel Division as well as General Manager of NetApp’s Storage Virtualization Business Unit, VP of Marketing at Onaro and VP of Product Marketing at Egenera. Bryan authored and illustrated, “Digital CMO's Guide to Marketing Measurement,” detailing processes required for a B2B high-velocity lead generation system.

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