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Demystifying CRO

Gabe Wahhab

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is one of the biggest and most effective trends in marketing right now but knowing how to do CRO or where to start can be confusing. Throw in obstacles like low traffic (50,000 monthly visits or less) or the fact most information you find on CRO is B2C or eCommerce-focused and the challenge is even greater. In this presentation, Gabe Wahhab of Square 2 Marketing (Diamond Partner) will walk you through how and where to get started with CRO for low traffic B2B websites.

About Gabe Wahhab

Gabe helps business websites kick ass and take names with better UX, better conversion, and better results. He is the director of interactive services at Square 2 Marketing, the world's largest inbound marketing agency. Gabe has worked on websites for large companies like Aon Hewitt, Rolls-Royce, and OfficeMax, but he most enjoys working with mid-market companies you've probably never heard of.

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