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Critical Conversations with Your Head of Sales

Matt Cameron

You have hired a VP of Sales and they are set to deliver explosive growth with an aggressive (and expensive) hiring plan ....But will they? Come learn the critical conversations and inspection points that you need for a sales leader to ensure that there are no downside surprises. Be sure that your head of sales is the real deal and can be relied upon to deliver that stretch plan that has your investors excited. This session is for execs, including sales leaders who want to manage up!

About Matt Cameron

Matt Cameron is the managing partner at and founder of Frontline, Silicon Valley's Sales Management boot camp and leadership community. A regular speaker and columnist on the topic of SaaS sales leadership, Matt partners with venture firms to build world-class B2B sales leadership within portfolios. Formerly as the WW Head of Corporate Sales at Yammer and a RVP of Enterprise Sales for, he enjoyed building sales engines for high growth companies, which continues to be his passion.

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