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Creating Momentum

Alesia Latson

In high school physics, you learned that Momentum = Mass x Velocity. In other words, when something with mass gets some speed, it starts to gather momentum. In politics, sports, business, or any other walk of life, when you have momentum, you gain a huge competitive edge. By creating momentum, you leave your competition in the dust. How do you attract (mass) and mobilize (velocity) talent to gain momentum? How can you create a work environment defined by clarity of vision and energy? How can you remove barriers to momentum and make your organization truly unstoppable?

About Alesia Latson

Alesia Latson is a recognized expert on leadership development and founder of the Latson Leadership Group, an organization that designs and delivers powerful training programs on topics encompassing leadership, personal branding, time management, influence and performance optimization.Alesia is a frequent guest speaker at Babson Executive Education, MIT Sloan School of Business, the University of Michigan’s Ross Business School and Simmons School of Management. She also coaches as Harvard Business School Program for Leadership Development.She has a unique, empowering take on leadership that you don't want to miss!

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