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Creating Inclusive Content Online to Drive Action Offline

Madison Utendahl

Since launch in 2016, Museum of Ice Cream has received over 1 billion impressions, through imaginative, diverse and accessible social content that utilizes ice cream to build community and brand loyalty. With over 1 million visitors to their physical locations, Museum of Ice Cream has taken a grassroots angle to reach their intended audience. MOIC’s Head of Content & Social, Madison Utendahl will share her experience and guerrilla social-marketing approach - on how MOIC uses ice cream, imagination and inclusive social content to create an action-oriented IRL and URL audience.

About Madison Utendahl

Madison Utendahl is Head of Content & Social at Museum of Ice Cream. A founding partner since its creation in 2016, Madison has grown Museum of Ice Cream’s digital presence of over 1 billion impressions in under 16 months. From creative directing MOIC’s social feeds & strategy, to establishing newsletter growth and creative partnerships, Madison has fostered MOIC's digital community under the belief system that the power of imagination and inclusivity must always drive creative content. Madison began her career working as an assistant at Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and later as a Creative and left-hand to Piera Gelardi, Executive Creative Director and Co-Founder at Refinery29. A graduate of Brown University and native New Yorker, Madison considers her upbringing in extraordinarily creative and diverse spaces as the impetus behind her passion for digital storytelling and narrative building. Madison lives in New York City with her dog, Lou.

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