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Creating a Multi-Lingual Email Subscription Experience

Bret Peters

Learn the strategy for implementing a large number of email subscription topics either in English and/or Spanish, or in multiple languages. Join Bret Peters, CMO of Fig Leaf Software, as he shares how his firm solved the challenge of multilingual subscription topics (HubSpot Email Types) for a client with 20+ email subscription topics. He'll cover the business strategy and the technical approach for creating a good user experience.

About Bret Peters

Bret Peters is Chief Marketing Officer of Fig Leaf Software, Inc., a full service digital agency and solutions integration firm based in Washington, DC. Bret leads the inbound for government team at Fig Leaf which has been responsible for implementing HubSpot enterprise for numerous government agencies. As a full service firm, his agency has been responsible for the launch and maintenance of 500+ National Park Service sites, 45 foreign language sites for the Voice of America, and numerous other local, state and federal websites. In his nearly 20 years with Fig Leaf, Bret has lead the company to being a leading Value Added Reseller and consulting partner for HubSpot, Google, Adobe, and Amazon, among others. Bret is the proud father of three Hokies, an "Army Golfer", and he's had the pleasure of visiting the White House with HubSpot's very own Mark Greco.

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