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Mikaela Tierney

In this content crash course for agency leaders, you’ll gain insight on how to enhance your in-house content production capabilities by breaking up with your freelancers, hiring a small but mighty team of rockstar writers, establishing a production process and timeline, and getting your strategy team on board. Mikaela Tierney, Content Production Manager at ThomasNet RPM, will explain how she transformed a high-stress, freelance-dependent content development structure into an optimized, 3-person in-house team that produces more than 85,000 words a month. By implementing just a few strategic moves (like learning to love spreadsheets and respecting the almighty deadline), you can overhaul your agency’s entire content approach and start producing strong, timely, and creative content in-house for your clients.

About Mikaela Tierney

Mikaela Tierney is the Digital Marketing Production Manager at ThomasNet Results Powered Marketing (RPM). Focusing on process development and implementation, she is responsible for streamlining production and communication across all RPM teams. She also leads the RPM content development team in the creation of blog posts, eBooks, and all written copy for the company’s manufacturing and industrial clients. After joining ThomasNet RPM as the Operations Manager in 2015, Mikaela shifted to apply her operational management skills to the content team as the Content Production Manager later that year. 400,000 edited words later, she became the Production Manager, a new role that combines her love of organization with her affinity for process in order to help RPM drive the best results for its clients. In her spare time, Mikaela enjoys exploring new hiking trails, getting creative with cooking in her NYC-sized kitchen, and subconsciously editing every document she sees. As HubSpot's 2014 Agency of the Year and Diamond Partner, RPM continues the 110+ year ThomasNet tradition of generating ways to get industrial buyers and sellers together by bringing the latest inbound marketing approaches to U.S. manufacturers.

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