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Chaos Under Control: How To Organize a Messy Contacts Database

Nick Salvatoriello

Has your contacts database ballooned into a sprawling, overwhelming mess? Are you feeling the itch to ditch any contact that’s not already in a nurturing workflow or sales conversation? Before you launch into a deleting spree, hold on. You worked hard for those contacts. A messy database is a sign you’re doing something right. At HubSpot, Nick Sal literally taught the class on contacts and list segmentation. Now as the leader of one of HubSpot’s top agency partners, he will show you how to bring order to your chaotic contacts database, resulting in more relevant emails, fewer unsubscribes, greater customer retention, and more revenue from deals with your contacts. With real stories from real businesses, Nick will show you how to find the best engagement strategy for each of your contacts, using tactics like buyer personas, lifecycle stages, and lead scoring. He will teach you to slice and dice your contacts database like an inbound pro, keeping it clean, organized, and up-to-date.

About Nick Salvatoriello

For the last seven years, (four spent at HubSpot witnessing the launch of their CRM & Sales software and three spent working at HubSpot Agency Partners practicing inbound sales in the field), Nick Sal has had a simple mission: to learn and utilize the inbound methodology and to do so utilizing as many of the HubSpot features as possible in order to scale sales activities while also providing more consistent, personalized experiences to customers. 200+ deals later, he’s here to let you look under the hood at what he and his colleagues have put into practice as well as to give you a roadmap to customize and follow in your own journey to inbound success.

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