But the Blind Can Lead the Blind...Life and Leadership Lessons

Vera Jones

A 12-year old boy after undergoing a life-threatening surgery to remove a brain tumor loses his sight, becomes depressed, morbidly obese and withdrawn. In the traumatic aftermath, he turns to his mother begging for answers. She instead offers him perspectives and hope for overcoming adversity by helping him to understand life isn’t about what you can’t see, but rather who you are meant to be. If you are in the midst of blinding challenges, trying to discover your passion or purpose, or perhaps you are seeking inspired and effective leadership strategies, this is the session you must “see!” (Pun intended!) Not only will you discover the lessons a faith-filled, single mother offered her son to seek excellence, but you will learn principles and strategies a “legally blind” son equipped his mother with to empower people to activate their significance and purpose all over the world. With Vera Jones it is true that what you see is what you get, but what you get is something you have never seen! The blind CAN lead the blind…. as long as the blind have VISION!

Pretty cool video, huh?

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